Pres. Herzog welcomes Pres. Biden
Pres. Herzog welcomes Pres. BidenINN

Israeli President Isaac Herzog welcomed US President Joe Biden upon his arrival in Israel Wednesday afternoon.

"Mr. President, welcome to Israel, our brother Joseph!" President Herzog said.

"The people of Israel welcome you to the Holy Land with open arms and joyous hearts, as Joseph son of Jacob who sought out his brothers. Here, Mr. President, you are truly amongst family. Like the biblical Joseph, you are both a visionary and a leader, committed to advancing the United States of America, the Middle East, the world at large, and the State of Israel.

"This historic visit reflects the deep partnership our nations share: a partnership rooted in our shared commitment to democracy, justice, and freedom, tolerance, security, and peace. The State of Israel in which you just arrived, is a successful, innovative nation, which contributes to tikkun olam, to healing the world—through science and medicine, water and food technology, climate innovation and so much more.

"Mr. President, you have been a true friend, and staunch supporter of Israel and the Jewish People, of our security and wellbeing, your entire life. In this visit, you will discuss the security challenges emanating directly from Iran and its proxies, threatening Israel and its neighbors and endangering our region. Your first trip here in 1973, was just a few weeks before a terrible war broke out. Today, winds of peace are blowing from North Africa across the Mediterranean to the Gulf. This trip, Mr. President, is your journey of peace from Israel to Saudi Arabia, from the Holy Land to the Hejaz.

"I hope and pray it will help advance a regional vision of prosperity, integration, peace and security for our entire region.

"Dear friend, welcome to Israel, welcome home," President Herzog concluded.