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An Ohio man who was previously arrested for allegedly threatening to commit a mass shooting at a Jewish school where he was employed as a security guard has been arrested by federal agents for building and selling untraceable “ghost guns” using a 3D printer.

On Wednesday, federal authorities arrested Thomas Develin, the Justice Department said in a statement. Later in the day, Develin, a former Ohio National Guard member, made a court appearance on charged related to manufacturing and distributing the homemade guns.

The Justice Department noted that Develin, 24, of Columbus, Ohio, was previously accused of making antisemitic and violent statements while working as a security services at local synagogues and Jewish schools.

According to the statement, Develin stands accused of building ghost guns to sell for profit and allegedly owned homemade conversion devices to convert semi-automatic AR-15 rifles and Glock pistols into fully automatic machine guns.

Agents found over 25 firearms in a search of Develin’s home and vehicle in March 2022.

“According to an affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint, Develin’s Discord and Snapchat activity online revealed a large quantity of antisemitic, white nationalist, racist and misogynistic content. Develin used the fictional name ‘Patrick Bateman’ online,” the Justice Department said.

Previous charges in a Franklin County, Ohio court against the defendant, including making terroristic threats, are still pending.

He appeared on Friday in a US District Court on federal charges regarding ghost guns.

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