Graffiti in Mitzpe Ramon: "Kostiner Nazi"
Graffiti in Mitzpe Ramon: "Kostiner Nazi"Courtesy of the photographer

Residents of Mitzpe Ramon woke up on Thursday to find that LGBTQ+ activists had spray-painted graffiti on fences in the town, calling Rabbi Tzvi Kostiner, the dean of the Midbara K'Eden yeshiva in Mitzpe Ramon, a "Nazi."

The activists also trespassed onto private property in order to tear down and destroy dozens of posters and placards placed by private citizens outside their homes, with slogans such as, "Stop LGBT coercion," and "There is nothing to be proud of in destroying the family."

Dozens of complaints have been submitted at the local police station regarding both the graffiti and the destruction of private property.

On Friday, Mitzpe Ramon will host its Pride march. On Wednesday, police reviewed the planned route of the march and authorized it. The march will pass along the town's main street, near the Midbara K'Eden hesder yeshiva. The route of the march had previously been altered after death threats against Rabbi Kostiner were made.

Members of the yeshiva told Israel National News that, "As we warned, the violence of the LGBT community knows no bounds. They are dangerous. Verbal violence can easily morph into physical violence. Tomorrow, we will be holding a special event in support of family values and we call on the police to provide the necessary protection."

Rabbi Kostiner has frequently been the target of members of the so-called "pride community," as he is outspoken in condemning their way of life. He has also spoken out against recruiting females into the IDF.