Yair Lapid wears a kippah while speaking to the Knesset plenum
Yair Lapid wears a kippah while speaking to the Knesset plenumKnesset

Opposition leader MK Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) on Wednesday afternoon responded to MK Yitzhak Pindrus' (United Torah Judaism) statement that the LGBT movement is more dangerous to Israel than Hamas and Hezbollah.

Placing a kippah (skullcap) on his head, Lapid quoted verses from the Bible and added, "There are many more people in this country who speak not nicely to their parents than there are LGBTs. Why are you so busy with LGBTs specifically?"

Lapid added that there are many sins for which the Bible's prescribed punishment is death.

He then noted, "There is a hierarchy of sins - some are less severe than others. And then there is a detailed list of the seven worst sins that a person can commit. And look how amazing it is: The LGBTs do not appear there! They don't appear! So then we need to choose between Pindrus and King Solomon."

Earlier on Wednesday, Pindrus told Keshet 12, "From my perspective, the most dangerous thing for the State of Israel - the most dangerous, more than ISIS, more than Hezbollah, more than Hamas - is the permissiveness of promiscuity, because that is what the Torah writes."

"So forget the economy, this is more dangerous than it would be without the IDF. This is the most dangerous thing there is for the State of Israel, because it is written, 'The Land will spit you out,' (Leviticus 18:25) they will chase you out of here and everything. And so, from my perspective, I need not only to prevent the pride parade but to prevent this movement in general.'"

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