Bomb shelter (illustrative)
Bomb shelter (illustrative)m David Cohen/Flash90

The Iranian news site Tasnim has claimed that the government sent 30,000 Israelis running to bomb shelters.

"Since Sunday night, in five large Zionist cities sirens sounded for 50 minutes, and in one city alone 30,000 people entered shelters," the site claimed. "The Zionists run to the shelters every time, in the illusion that Iran or other opposition groups are attempting to fire a missile."

"Other than 'occupied' Jerusalem, sirens sounded in additional cities, including Eilat, Holon, Ashkelon, and Ashdod."

According to the Iranians, "This most important issue to the officials and the residents of the areas is which siren sound is real, and do they do need to go to the shelters, and which is not real? This caused strange confusion amongst them."

On Sunday, sirens sounded in several neighborhoods in Jerusalem and Eilat, and the defense echelon believes the sirens sounded as a result of a cyberattack by Iranian hackers.