Kent State University police are investigating “the recent appearance of a swastika” that was painted on campus.

In a statement on its website, the Ohio university said it was not sure when the swastika appeared. But “in the aftermath of the massacre in Buffalo, New York, its appearance serves as a reminder of the threat of extremism and the need for all of us to denounce the growing wave of racism, intolerance and violence in our nation.”

“Kent State is committed to creating a community of kindness and respect, and the recent appearance of this symbol of hate is a reminder of the work ahead of us during perilous times,” the school added.

Hillel at Kent State responded to the incident with a statement, saying it was “deeply shocked and concerned” to learn of the “hateful and antisemitic act of vandalism.”

“We condemn this and all acts of antisemitism on campus and in our communities,” Hillel said. “The perpetrator of this act painted an image of a swastika, an antisemitic symbol that represents the Nazi regime that murdered over six million Jews and millions of others. The symbol has since been embraced by other hate groups in an attempt to intimidate and traumatize the Jewish community.”

Hillel noted that with the rise of extremism across the U.S., they could not “ignore this act of antisemitism and denounce hate of all forms in the strongest possible terms.”

“Jewish students, parents and friends are encouraged to reach out to our staff if they need a listening ear or have questions. We are in communication with our partners at Kent State University, the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, Hillel International, ADL Cleveland, and Kent State Police to combat this hate and stand up for our Jewish community and friends,” Hillel said.