scene of arrest of Elad terrorists
scene of arrest of Elad terrorists Police spokesperson

One of the terrorists who murdered three Jewish Israelis in an axe attack in Elad last week was seen smoking a cigarette given to him by security forces after his arrest Sunday morning.

Video of the terrorist enjoying his smoke was circulated on social media and the tribute to the terrorist was severely criticized. "Whoever gives a cigarette to this killer, fully encourages terror," wrote former MK Michael Ben-Ari on Twitter. "Prosecute him for supporting terrorism. This is not mercy, this is support for terrorism, this is forgiveness that teaches weakness. And weakness begets murder."

Journalist Ariela Sternbuch wrote on her Twitter account: "I just left the Chavakuk house, the 6-year-old boy is still walking around there scared and confused after seeing his father's skull smashed, and then comes this documentation, the terrorist is already getting a cigarette in the field. What kind of country do we live in?!"

"Who is the idiot who gave him a cigarette?" Journalist Yinon Magal wondered.

However, there are those who have argued that this is an accepted method of interrogation. For example, Eldad Rabinowitz, who wrote on Twitter: "Enough. That's how investigators are. You don't always have to pounce, certainly not against the members of the security forces on duty. And I really have no suspicion of them favoring terrorists."

Yossi Davidov replied: "I see explanations here that this is a method of interrogation. Let's say this: there are other ways to extract information from an interrogee, and certainly not in a documented way that will be crushing to the victims' families."

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