Long-range missile launch
Long-range missile launchiStock

NASA is working on hypersonic missiles so complex that it is building an AI to fabricate them, according to reports.

The technology, described as “killer AI,” will be able to built hypersonic missiles with the capacity to wipe out entire armies, giving the West a major leg up over Russia, which recently conducted a test of its new “Satan 2” nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile.

NASA has created an AI to built hypersonic missiles that will travel faster than Mach 5 (3,836 mph), making them capable to hitting anywhere on the planet is less than an hour of being launched, the Express reported.

The missiles will have an advanced level of precision and be able to carry nuclear payloads, and will be so fast that nearly all missile defense systems will not be able to react fast enough to detect them.

Because the missiles require an overwhelming amount of power and fuel to operate at high speeds, they have only been able to work using rockets. But a scramjet – a supersonic combustion ramjet – is being proposed as an alternate transport mechanism.

The scramjet would launch the missiles from space where they would orbit the planet and then hit a precise target in minutes.

The UK and Australia announced recently that they will partner with the United States to build highly advanced missiles in response to missile programs by Russia and China.