Tehila Levi
Tehila Leviצילום: מתוך האינסטגרם

Tehila Levi, Israel's 2020 beauty queen, was attacked Wednesday by Arabs in Ramle and her five-month-old puppy was stolen.

Levi, a resident of Ramle, was attacked during the afternoon while she was out walking with her dog and her 11-year-old brother, who is on the autism spectrum.

Speaking with Kan News, Levi said that she was attacked by "two minority individuals who apparently had been waiting around the neighborhood since the morning." She added that the two spoke in Arabic.

Levi also said that she filed a complaint with the police, adding, "The police told me, 'We do not believe the dog will be returned, even if we find the suspects.'"

"One of the minority individuals jumped out of his car, grabbed the leash from my hand, and then just gave me a kick," she recalled.

"I fell on the ground and did not release the leash. He got into his vehicle and meanwhile closed the door and drove off - so I was dragged over the entire road and I fell on the sidewalk. My entire leg was filled with blood.

"This is the scariest thing that happened to me in my life. You have no safety to walk around in your neighborhood."

Levi also described to the police what the two attackers looked like, and gave the license number of the vehicle in which they traveled. However, Levi said, the one driving the vehicle was not its owner, so the chance of locating the attackers is not large.