Nuclear Iran
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Democrats in the House are privately becoming increasingly concerned about the ramifications of a new Iran nuclear deal, according to reports.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) told the Washington Free Beacon that a significant number of Democrats are worried about stipulations in the new deal that will give Iran access to billions of dollars in cash and allow Russia to construct Iran’s nuclear sites.

"We’re in the minority. But there are a lot of Democrats who don’t like this deal,” he said.

During a recent bipartisan classified briefing on the Iran deal, McCaul said: "I was doing a whip count [and] it was not good for the [Biden] administration.

In order for the deal not to pass, at least eight Democrats would have to vote with Republicans in opposition.

Sources told the news outlet that Democrats are increasingly voicing their displeasure with the terms of the new deal. Foreign policy lawmakers in both parties have slammed a stipulation that would allow Russia to sign a $10 billion contract to build Iranian nuclear reactors, enriching its coffers at a time of its invasion of Ukraine and further empowering Iran's nuclear ambitions.

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