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Yet again “sacrifices for peace?”

Yet another bloody day in Israel. Five more Israelis murdered at the hands of PA Arabs.

That’s 11 in one week.

Many will remember when Rabin and Peres walked hand in hand with Arafat after yet another terrorist attack, and casually calling the Jewish victims “sacrifices for peace.”

Sharon gave up Gaza for the same dream.

Today’s government is actually of two heads, one Israeli, the other, Palestinian Arab – and how has that been working out?

Today’s government is actually of two heads, one Israeli, the other, Palestinian Arab – and how has that been working out?
Tell me after the blood has been wiped off the vehicles and sidewalks, and after more Israeli tears that will never dry.

Who cares if it’s ISIS, PLO, PA, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas…it’s all the same. Nonsensical Semantics. Murderers all, and they hate us, period.

The families of these latest murderers…what a windfall after Mahmoud Abbas pays them from his pay-to-slay treasury.

Much of that loot courtesy of paid-up Israeli “taxes.”

A new definition of the word chutzpah…Abbas warning Israelis against incitement toward Palestinian Arabs in response to today’s event.

Nobody in the world plays the game of incitement better than Mahmoud Abbas.

Wasn’t it only weeks ago when defense minister Gantz did him the honor of visiting Abbas at his home…as a show of fellowship?

Today, the consequences, as the consequences from the 1993 Oslo Accords, which placed Palestinian Arab terrorists on the same footing as the sovereign nation of Israel.

Who else makes such deals.

Bennett says he’s on the case, will deal severely etc. etc. etc. and on it goes.

From America, with friends like Biden, Blinken and Nides, no wonder this is happening.

Biden…who knows what he’s thinking? This we know. Trump was all in for Israel. Therefore, Biden must do just the opposite.

As we speak, he’s angling to start up or restart a Palestinian embassy in the heart for Jerusalem, a de facto separate state.

You think the terrorists don’t take note of this as words and acts of encouragement?

So long as Israel gives them any hope toward a two-state solution, this won’t stop.

Nor will it stop until Israel cracks down seriously at those places where the hatred is simmering…and confiscates the weaponry.

The days of land for peace are done, and never should have begun. Is this Right-Wing talk, Haaretz? So let it be.

Meantime, Blinken and Nides are “terribly concerned” about “settler expansion,” and “right wing aggression.”

Like what…so far as right-wing aggression? You mean Israelis defending themselves? The Israelis cannot afford to play this game of “no bail” and “defund the police.”

It doesn’t work well in America, either, by the way, and in Israel it is one family.

Israel can’t afford rampaging mobs and rioting in its Blue (soft on crime) Cities.

So far as expansion, really…these latest murderers, and the homes and towns from which they emerge like rats…to them goes half of Jerusalem?

Israel is, in fact, a world power, and enough of this business of treating it like a banana republic that must to be told how to behave…or else.

It’s now for Bennett to show imagination and strength. He can begin by telling Team Biden that no way, no how will Israel divide the land.

Nor will Israel ever stop expanding within its own G-d given territory. Let this word go forth.

Then spare us any images of holding hands with Abbas, either Mahmoud, or Monsour.

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