Arab yanks mezuzah off doorpost - and burns it
Arab yanks mezuzah off doorpost - and burns itScreenshot

An Arab Israeli filmed himself yanking a mezuzah off the doorpost of a home, breaking the mezuzah's case with a hammer, and then setting fire to the parchment inside.

The young Arab Israeli is believed to have found the mezuzah on the doorpost of one of the rooms of the workers' living quarters at the construction site where he is employed as a worker.

Activist Ayelet Lash tweeted, "An Arab films himself pulling off a mezuzah, smashing it with a hammer, and burning the parchment."

"Will anyone call him for an interrogation, or are the police, Prosecutor's Office, and Reform organization busy with my tweets and don't have time [for him]?"

Lash, who recently gave birth to a daughter, was called to the police station two weeks after giving birth for a "continuation of the interrogation" regarding tweets she had written about terror attacks..