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On Monday, the Israeli government approved the sending of a field hospital to Ukraine for treating refugees in the country’s west.

The *Shining Star* (in Hebrew, Kochav Meir) humanitarian mission is intended to treat the many refugees fleeing to western Ukraine. The hospital is expected to be active for around a month.

The operation will be organized by the Foreign Ministry together with the Health Ministry and will be implemented by Sheba Medical Center, Clalit Health Fund’s Schneider Children’s Medical Center, and a delegation of medical & nursing personnel from across the healthcare system.

The cost of establishing and operating the hospital for the aforementioned period will be approximately 21 million shekels, which will be funded by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Foreign Ministry, and the Health Ministry, with assistance from the Schusterman Family Foundation, which contributes to national & social projects in Israel, as well as The Joint.

The hospital will provide treatment to refugees of the war and will include an emergency room, a delivery room, and departments for treating men, women, & children. Imaging and laboratory capablities (X-Ray) will be brought in, and remote technologies will be used in cooperation with Sheba Medical Center in Israel.

The operation, *Shining Star* (Kochav Meir) is named for former Prime Minister Golda Meir, who was born in Ukraine and established "Mashav," the State of Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation and a division of the Foreign Ministry, which is leading the project on behalf of the Foreign Ministry.