Naftali Bennett
Naftali BennettOlivier Fitoussi/Flash 90

The Political-Security Cabinet met on Sunday evening for about two hours. The meeting dealt with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its implications for Israel.

Cabinet ministers received a comprehensive overview of the situation on the ground and the progress of the operation to rescue Israelis from Ukraine. It is believed that approximately 6,000 Israelis remain in Ukraine.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told the ministers at the cabinet meeting, "Israel is not the issue at the moment in this crisis. We need to keep a low profile." Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked said that "the Israeli interest is to remain silent at the moment."

Bennett claimed that the Americans "contained" the Israeli decision not to co-sponsor the condemnation of Russia in the UN Security Council, and the Russians on the other hand are also containing Israel’s statements so far. The ministers were asked to continue with measured statements on the conflict.

According to a report on Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio), Foreign Ministry representatives spoke about the preparations for the vote at the UN General Assembly on the resolution against Russia, and it was hinted that Israel will support this resolution.

Energy Minister Karine Elharrar (Yesh Atid) briefed the ministers on the impact the crisis is having on the energy market and warned of rising prices.

"We have supplies for weeks ahead - before we will have to use emergency supplies. There is no shortage right now but price increases are expected. Tomorrow there will be a meeting regarding the EU sanctions - and then we will be smarter," she said.