At least one and possibly two explosions were heard in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday evening.

Reports said police and emergency response units were dispatched to a tower that some in the area said may have been hit by a rocket.

Other reports indicated that this may have been a gas cylinder explosion.

The UAE’s official news agency reported that a fire that broke out as a result of the explosion was extinguished and that there were no injuries.

Abu Dhabi is scheduled to host UEFA's Club World Cup tournament this week. Some reports suggested one of the explosions occurred 20 km from the hotel of the Brazilian football team Palmerias, but that has not been confirmed.

The incident follows several attacks on the UAE by Yemen’s Houthi rebels in recent weeks. Last week, the Houthis fired a ballistic missile which was intercepted by the local air defense systems.

The attack occurred during the visit of President Isaac Herzog to the UAE.

In mid-January, the Houthis attacked three oil tankers near Abu Dhabi. The attack killed three people and wounded six at an Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. fuel depot near Al-Dhafra.