Handcuffs (illustrative)
Handcuffs (illustrative)iStock

Israel Police are investigating how a prisoner who was hospitalized at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center succeeded in escaping on Sunday night.

The should-be prisoner is a resident of the central city of Ramle, and had been arrested on suspicion of causing a serious car accident involving a large number of vehicles while attempting to escape the police. His arrest had been extended by the court.

An appeal submitted to the hospital by his attorney on Sunday night claimed that his medical condition did not allow for him to be handcuffed to a bed.

As a result, a judge ordered the removal of the handcuffs - despite an in-depth explanation by police of why he should not be unhandcuffed, the circumstances of the accident, which he caused while attempting to escape police.

Upon the prisoner's escape, a police officer near his room called in additional forces, who began searching for the suspect.

Major General Avi Biton, the district commander, ordered that an officer be appointed to investigate the circumstances of the incident.