Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-CortezReuters

Morton Klein, director of the Zionist Organization of America, is demanding that Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fire her recently hired legislative assistant Hussain Altamimi, following a post he placed on Instagram that accused Israel of being a “racist European ethnostate built on stolen land from its indigenous population.”

Writing on his Twitter account, Klein stated that, “Hussain Altamimi, an AOC staffer, just viciously & falsely condemned Israel. ZOA demands AOC fire him immediately. It’s the Palestinian Authority that’s a racist terrorist dictatorship which states no Jews will be allowed to live in their entity and pays Arabs to murder Jews.”

Klein also wrote to Ocasio-Cortez demanding that she fire Altamimi, and noting that Palestinian citizens of Israel have “full rights.” The congresswoman did not respond.