CT Ambucar
CT Ambucar Courtesy of United Hatzalah

Al Gindi is a third-generation co-founder of Gindi Equities, a successful real estate company that invests in multifamily real estate (GindiEquities.com). He is also a third-generation donor to many Jewish causes both in the US and in Israel, among them United Hatzalah.

“I am grateful to have learned everything from the most amazing role models, my father Raymond Gindi, uncle Isaac 'IG' Gindi, and grandfather Al Gindi of blessed memory, the patriarch of our family,” the younger Al Gindi said.

He added, “They lead by example and have taught me the importance of steadfastly upholding Jewish values such as integrity, humility, and generosity.”

Eli Beer, President and Founder of United Hatzalah, spoke about the qualities that he respects so much in Al and his family: charity, integrity, love, and kindness.

“Most people who are philanthropists tend to make money and then donate a portion of the profits. Al and Raymond take a different approach. They created a unique and thoughtful tradition where they donate upon every new deal closed. The donation is made before any realized profits,” Beer explained.

“When they heard about our new and innovative City Transformer (CT) foldable Ambucar, they wanted to be the first to donate one, in honor of an upcoming North Carolina multi-family partnership. I wish to thank Al, Raymond, and his entire family for their support of United Hatzalah and many other wonderful Jewish organizations that they are involved in.”

The CT foldable Ambucar can hold up to two first responders and a full supply of medical equipment. The electric vehicle contracts and expands, allowing it to navigate through traffic efficiently and maneuver into otherwise inaccessible areas. The compact size, speed, and service of this innovative vehicle will undoubtedly save many lives in the years to come.

“We love Eli Beer and have been supporting United Hatzalah for many years. We are so excited to donate the inaugural CT Ambucar,” Al said. “Giving to United Hatzalah is one of the best investments we can make. This is the third vehicle we are donating. With G-d’s help, as we grow, we will increase our support accordingly.”

The first CT United Hatzalah Ambucars are expected to hit Israel's streets in 2023 and will be part of a co-sharing fleet vehicle format that will enable United Hatzalah’s network of volunteers to quickly locate one of the cars and use it to respond to medical emergencies in their vicinity.

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