Former US President Donald Trump on Saturday called Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley a "f---ing idiot" while talking about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, The Hill reports.

In video shared by Florida attorney Ron Filipkowski from an event at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, the former President could be seen addressing a crowd and speaking about the military planes that were left behind when the US pulled forces out of Afghanistan. Trump claimed that Milley told him that leaving the planes behind was cheaper than moving them to another country.

"That's when I realized he was a f---ing idiot," Trump said, eliciting a wave of laughter from the crowd.

Trump was speaking at an event for Turning Point Action, a conservative organization founded by Charlie Kirk.

Shortly after the fall of Kabul in August, the Taliban seized billions of dollars in US weapons, including Black Hawk helicopters and an A-29 Super Tucano attack aircraft. The aircraft are virtually inoperable without the proper training, though they did provide ample opportunity for the Taliban to create propaganda.

Trump has routinely criticized the Biden administration over the withdrawal from Afghanistan. In one radio interview after the withdrawal, he said the Taliban's change in behavior with the change in administrations proves the issue was with the person and not the plan.

In the same interview, Trump also ripped Biden for showing disrespect to the families of the 13 service members who were killed in the blast in Kabul.

"Tremendous disrespect was paid by Biden when he kept looking at his watch over and over again--- every time a coffin came off the plane, he was looking at his watch," Trump charged, adding, "The parents are angry, as they should be. Nobody should've been killed [but] after I got out, Abdul and his group went wild."

Trump has also routinely criticized Milley in the past, The Hill reported, calling him a "dumba--" in September after it was reported that Milley had called his Chinese counterpart in order to reassure him that Trump did not have plans to attack China.

Milley has acknowledged that he thought it would have been better to leave about 2,500 US troops in Afghanistan, but also said that military generals unanimously agreed to recommend that the US stick to the August 31 withdrawal deadline for the evacuation.

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