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An Israel Police operation in the Bedouin Arab city of Rahat in southern Israel uncovered ammunition and a kit for cleaning weapons, which were confiscated.

During the search operation, officers from the Rahat police station and Border Police officers were attacked by dozens of lawbreaking Bedouin.

The officers used riot control methods to disperse the crowd.

However, a female Border Police officer sustained light injuries, as did two police officers from the Rahat police station. All three required medical treatment at a local hospital.

Three people were arrested on suspicion of disturbing the public order and attacking the officers, and two others were detained on suspicion of illegal weapons possession.

Following the incident, Israel Police said, "We take very seriously every incident in which a police officer or public servant is attacked when arriving to do his job for the sake of the public's welfare and safety. We will work to bring the suspects involved to justice."