Congressman Andrew Garbarino spoke with Arutz Sheva contributor Dr. Joseph Frager on the issue of opening a consulate in Jerusalem for the Palestinian Authority.

Garbarino, from New York's 2nd congressional district, emphasized, "I have to say I disagree with President Biden's opinion that the Palestinians should be given a consulate in Jerusalem."

"I know I was one of hundreds of members of Congress that signed a letter saying we don't think it's right that the Palestinians – it's not Palestine, it's not a state – they should not have a consulate in Jerusalem," he explained.

"I don't believe the President is acting in good faith, and myself along with my colleagues who signed the letter will do what we can to make sure this doesn't happen. We will always stand on the side of Israel against terrorist organizations."

Last month, United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) rallied 35 senators to submit a bill to the Senate to prevent the reopening of the US Consulate to the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem.

In addition, Israel Hayomreported that several US Democratic congressmen would appeal to US President Joe Biden, asking him to refrain from opening a consulate for the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem. The congressmen wished to avoid publishing their names so that their letter would have a better chance of changing the administration's position.