Cable car disaster victims
Cable car disaster victims Reuters

Israel Police on Tuesday evening said that Shmuel Peleg, maternal grandfather of cable car crash survivor Eitan Biran, had been interrogated on suspicion of kidnapping a minor under age 16.

Peleg has been released under limiting conditions, the police report said.

Peleg brought Eitan, 6, to Israel earlier this week, without obtaining the consent of his family in Italy. Eitan's paternal aunt, Aya Biran, who lives in Italy, has served as his guardian since his parents' deaths in a cable car accident in May.

On Tuesday Aya filed a request with the Tel Aviv Family Court for Eitan to be returned to Italy.

Meanwhile, Eitan's Israeli relatives have said that they are fulfilling his parents' will: "Our beloved Eitan has returned to Israel after losing his entire family - just as his parents wanted," they said.

"Bringing Eitan to Israel is something that fulfills his parents' will. He was not kidnapped or anything extreme or similar to that. He is in the embrace of his family, surrounded with warmth and love, just as he deserves to have."

Channel 13 News reported that the Italian investigation found that an order had been placed on his Italian passport allowing him to exit the country only under the supervision of Aya, his legal guardian. However, Peleg succeeded in exiting the country with Eitan via Switzerland and bringing him to Israel, without anyone noticing that it was not his aunt accompanying him.