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The city council in Florence, South Carolina is commemorating the contributions of its historic Jewish community to the city.

The city council is rolling out a resolution on Monday marking the importance to Florence of the community, which dates back to the 1850s and the start of the city, reported SCNow.

Florence's main synagogue, Beth Israel Congregation near downtown, was recently given a South Carolina historical marker that recognizes the Jewish community’s history in Florence.

"We are thrilled that the Florence Jewish community and Beth Israel Congregation are being recognized by the state of South Carolina with a historical marker," Barnett Greenberg, a synagogue trustee, told SCNow. "The Jewish people have a rich history in Florence... for nearly two centuries. We greatly appreciate this resolution from Florence City Council recognizing a pillar of Jewish life, faith, and camaraderie."

After forming a community in the 1850s as the city began to grow, in 1887 local Jews began the Florence Hebrew Benevolent Association. In 1912 Beth Israel Congregation was born. The institutions merged in 1922. The first synagogue was built in 1949.

The resolution was put forward by Mayor Pro Tempore George Jebaily who said that the idea was presented to him by Greenberg. He was supportive of it, praising the Jewish community for being active in every aspect of city life.

Florence has a population of 38,487.

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