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A new survey by an NGO dedicated to countering online hate has found that major social media sites failed to address 84 percent of the anti-Semitic posts reported.

The Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) flagged 714 anti-Semitic posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok using the platforms’ complaints systems during a six-week time frame, from May 18 to June 29, 2021.

The organization found that in 84% of cases, the platforms failed to either remove the posts or suspend flagged accounts.

The 714 posts flagged for Jew hatred received a total of up to 7.3 million impressions.

“As a result of their failure to enforce their own rules, social media platforms like Facebook have become safe places to spread racism and propaganda against Jews,” read the report.

Noting that their methodology avoided the debate on the effectiveness of automated hate removal algorithms by focusing on reports of anti-Semitism sent in by users to moderators, they said that using the platforms’ own reporting tools, the sites took action on less than 1 in 6 reported cases of anti-Semitism, with Facebook and Twitter having the lowest rate of enforcement.

Data generated from all the social media sites surveyed found that 89 percent of the posts blaming Jews for the coronavirus, 9/11 and secretly running the world were not taken down.

A further 80 percent of posts containing Holocaust denial, 70 percent featuring neo-Nazi content and 70 percent displaying anti-Semitic caricatures were left untouched.

Twitter and TikTok failed to address the proliferation of anti-Semitic hashtags such as “#killthejews.”

“Platforms must aggressively remedy their moderation systems which have been proven to be insufficient,” the report went on to say.

They recommended steps to achieve this goal, including removing groups dedicated to anti-Semitism, banning anti-Semitic hashtags, hiring and training moderators to “effectively remove” Jew hate and ensuring that platforms are liable in the same manner that a person or corporation would be for creating harm.

“The unchecked proliferation of anti-Semitic posts across these major platforms is a measure of the spread of white supremacy and hate across social media. To protect our communities and fundamental precepts of tolerance and democracy, legislators and platforms must act now,” the report said.

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