Israel Police have opened an investigation following the publication of a video clip showing that flags and wreaths placed on the graves of IDF soldiers were burned.

The flags and wreaths were placed on the graves ahead of Israel's Memorial Day honoring fallen IDF soldiers and the victims of terror attacks, which was observed Tuesday night and Wednesday.

In a statement, police wrote that investigators are acting openly and secretly to locate the suspects.

Meanwhile, it is believed that extremist haredim, residents of Jerusalem, arrived at the military cemetery and burned the flags and wreaths.

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi said: "The IDF supports the bereaved families and condemns this shameful and infuriating behavior. We are sure that Israel Police will bring those who did this criminal act to justice."

MK Yakov Asher, of the Knesset's Ashkenazic-haredi United Torah Judaism party, said that such people represent a "provocative handful" of haredim, "who do everything in order to try to create conflict and tension. Their unacceptable actions have long since removed them from being called 'haredim'; they are not worthy of the title."