Terrorists near Gaza fence
Terrorists near Gaza fenceReuters

On Thursday morning, an outpost between the Kedumim and Shavei Shomron communities in Samaria was evacuated while an order was issued marking the location as a closed military zone, at which time a building housing seven of the youths was demolished, according to a report by the Srugim Hebrew-language news site.

Following the evacuation, the former residents of the outpost decided to return to begin the rebuilding process, but were surprised to find Arabs who had come to plow the area, claiming it belonged to them.

According to the youths, the Palestinian Arabs began threatening them to "get out or things will get ugly." To add to the threats, they started destroying items belonging to the youths following the demolition.

Outnumbered, the youths decided to contact the officer responsible for Shavei Shomron, who decided to come to their aid even though the area was not under his command. The force decided not to force either side away from the area, instead breaking up the clash.

Shortly afterwards, it became apparent that the IDF presence at the scene saved the youths from a mass lynching when a truck dropped off some 70 Palestinian Arabs armed with sticks, apparently intending to hurt the teens.

One of the boys told Srugim: "Out of nowhere, we were suddenly surrounded by dozens of bloodthirsty Arabs who armed with sticks. The IDF stopped them from lynching us."

A short time later, a Border Police force demanded that the parties evacuate the area because the place was defined as a closed military zone.

Srugim said it had obtained information that the Arabs were planning on holding Friday prayers in the area.

Approximately a month ago, a similar lynching attempt took place in the area in which four Jews were injured by a mob of hundreds of Arabs, escaping only when they shot empty rounds into the air, only to be were detained by Israeli police following the attack.