Watch: Attempted lynch just before Tisha B'av

Indictment filed against Muslim Arab youth who attacked Jew in Jerusalem.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 12:51 PM

Lynch attempt in Jerusalem
Lynch attempt in Jerusalem
Israel Police spokesperson

The Jerusalem District Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday filed an indictment against a Muslim Arab youth from one of Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods, charging him with attacking a Jew traveling in his vehicle on the night of Tisha B'av.

According to the indictment, which was filed at the Jerusalem District Court, the victim was traveling on Jerusalem's Salah ad Din Street when the youth and others noticed a Jew wearing a kippah (skullcap).

At that point, the Arab youth and other individuals kicked the Jew's car, threw stones and other objects at him, hit him, sprayed pepper spray at him from just a few centimeters away, and kicked him. One of the youth's companions attempted to pull the victim from his vehicle.

A passing police officer noticed the incident, and fired three shots into the air.According to the indictment, as a result of the actions of both the suspect and the others, the victim suffered hematomas in his head and read marks on his neck. In addition, the vehicle's windows were shattered and severe damage was caused.

In addition to the indictment, the Prosecutor's Office has requested that the suspect remain under arrest until the completion of proceedings against him.

Israel Police added that four other Muslim Arab youths have also been arrested in connection with the attack.

A video published by the police show the Muslim Arab youths attacking the victim's car, as well as a policeman exiting a nearby vehicle and firing into the air, leading the youths to escape the scene.