Gantz, Netanyahu
Gantz, Netanyahu Flash 90

Don't Do As I Do: Do as I say. There is one law for the elite and one law for the rest of the people. The appalling behavior of the President, the Prime Minister and others from the government.

Draconian Measures: But if I had to choose the safest place from COVID-19, it would be Israel. Hear why.

Hear: Walter's assessment of Israel's volatile political scene heading to a possible fourth election in less than eighteen months, because of our politicians' personal ego. With so far 36 governments, Israel is fast catching up to proverbial Italy!

Heads Must Roll: Who ordered entry via our airports without health checks?

Even passengers from New York, the US epicenter for coronavirus, were freely allowed to proceed to their chosen destinations all over the country. Finally the government closed the stable door after the horse had bolted! Now everybody entering Israel must stay in one of the designated COVID-19 hotels for 14 days of compulsory isolation.

Overloaded: With COVID-19 and with the political virus that infected our legislature, it's time to relax and wind down to prepare for the next storm with light entertainment.

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