Miri Regav
Miri RegavEliran Aharon

Culture Minister Miri Regev referred to the postponement in evacuating the illegal Bedouin outpost Khan al-Ahmar on her way into this morning's cabinet meeting.

"I believe that just as the Prime Minister promised, this village will be evacuated. There's no reason why the village shouldn't be evacuated after the Supreme Court ruling," Regev said.

Regev estimated the government would approve the Cultural Loyalty Law she seeks to promote, and rejected the description of the law to be brought to vote as a "softened version". "It's not a softened version, it's an excellent version. The law will draw a very clear line between freedom of expression and freedom of incitement. The time has come for cultural institutions to understand: Freedom of art - yes, freedom of expression - yes, freedom of incitement - absolutely not."

The Culture Minister also referred to the sharp exchanges between the son of the Prime Minister Yair Netanyahu and television host Ofira Asayag.

Regev said she would not have responded had the subject not been the Prime Minister's son: "Red lines were crossed. She has to be the responsible adult, what do you expect from a child whose parents are attacked all the time; who wouldn't defend his parents?"

Regev personally attacked Asayag and said, "Why talk about the Prime Minister's family? She's just a bad woman. Why talk about Sara Netanyahu? You want to criticize the Prime Minister? Excellent. Don't talk about the family."

"מצפים מילד שלא יגן על ההורים שלו?"