Yair Netanyahu calls Israeli anchorwoman a 'crude beast'

Premier's son goes off on media personality, says her TV show is 'gearing toward the left in order to be accepted by the sickening barrage'.

Tzvi Lev ,

Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu
Flash 90

Prime Minister Netanyahu's son Yair found himself in hot water after penning a scathing Facebook post calling Israeli media personality Ofira Assayag a 'crude beast'.

Yair was infuriated after Assayag hosted Ornah Peretz on her television show "Ofira and Berkovic". Peretz had faced off with the prime minister last week in Kiryat Shmona, during which Netanyahu told Peretz she was "boring".

Following the show's airing on Friday, Yair wrote that "The only reason (channel operator) 'Keshet' broadcasts this low class is because of the incitement against my father and our family, and against the right-wing public. It is gearing toward the left in order to be accepted by the sickening barrage."

Assayag responded to Yair's tirade by comparing him to his father's illustrious military past. "I am struck by the great gap between the high intelligence, sharpness and eloquence of a younger Binyamin Netanyahu, with the idleness and boredom of Yair Netanyahu: when at the age of 27, his father was already commanding a squad in Sayeret Matkal," wrote Assayag on Instagram.

"Yair Netanyahu lives at the expense of the public there is no doubt that he inherited his genes from his mother."

The younger Netanyahu has long had an adversarial relationship with the Israeli media. Earlier this month, Yair called veteran journalist Amnon Abramovich a "garbage can, stupid, and a Soviet propagandist...the Nation of Israel hates him."

After being criticized by other media figures in wake of his Abramovich remarks, Netanyahu wrote on Facebook the journalist and the Israeli media as a whole "have been butchering my father's personality, embarrassing him, belittling him, falsely accusing him, and drinking his blood with a straw for the past thirty years."