Netanyahu again hesitates to strike

All who care about court's honor when it comes to evacuating Jews suddenly lose faith in system when it comes to Khan al-Ahmar. Commentary.

Nitsan Keidar ,

Flash 90

Minister Moshe Kahlon, the Knight of the Justice System, has fallen silent. Where is the honor of the Supreme Court that was trampled by the decision to postpone demolition of the illegal Bedouin outpost of Khan al-Ahmar?

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni and other MKs on the left side of the political spectrum are also applauding this postponement. They're in trouble, because fanfare for the move is both anti-Supreme Court and a tribute to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The latter, after hesitating and lulling the cabinet in dealing with Hamas in Gaza, also hesitates in the Khan al-Ahmar affair. When German chancellor Angela Merkel visited here recently, the excuse was that he was waiting for her visit to end. Merkel hasn't been here for a long time, evacuating forces stood ready for the moment of the command that never came, and as it seems, is not certain it ever will come.

We mustn't forget that the 'alternatives' discussed in the Prime Minister's Office are programs rejected by the Supreme Court justices. Even when the residents already understood a compromise must be reached, left-wing organizations backing them urged them to continue the struggle and not to compromise.

Netanyahu's hesitation, if it was due to diplomatic reasons, is even more problematic. If the German chancellor, the European Foreign Minister, and the general prosecutor in the Hague court threaten Prime Minister that firing at demonstrators attacking soldiers in Gaza borders on war crime, will he also give up? It should be noted that in this case, too, the Prime Minister was not sufficiently determined.

The apologetic, hesitant approach makes Israel weaker. The residents of Khan al-Ahmar are 'pioneers'. When others see that Israel stutters before them, Area E1 will fill up with more Khan al-Ahmars, with European backing.

The leader of a right-wing government needs to know where the line between diplomacy and weakness runs. In Khan al-Ahmar, the Europeans tell us what's happening in our own country. So the next time we hear the Prime Minister cluck his tongue about 'Only Israel will determine its future,' we'll know these are hollow words.

The failure to evacuate Khan al-Ahmar will be a stain not only on Prime Minister Netanyahu but on his government and the entire coalition.

Additionally, the next time the 'defenders of the court' who say or imply that Minister Shaked is trying to destroy the existing foundations start their lamenting, we should know that for them there's a court for Jews and a court for the Arabs. Justice depends on which side you're on.

Translated by Mordechai Sones