Jewish villager at lookout point near Shiloh, Samaria
Jewish villager at lookout point near Shiloh, SamariaReuters

Former residents of Amona expressed cautious optimism today at the news that construction has started on the new community intended for them in the Shiloh Valley.

“We applaud the beginning of the work, and pray that it will proceed without hindrance and without pause,” they said.

“The entire public expects that the Prime Minister will not allow any hostile entity, whether left-wing or legal or administrative, to halt the construction. It is forbidden to allow this success - the establishment of a new community in Judea and Samaria - to turn into a failure and a farce. The public has already had its share of disappointments. The responsibility is on the government and its leader.”

The residents pointed to the fact that they have already been homeless for 5 months, “and the work that started today is a gateway of hope to the future. A destroyed community must rise anew, and promises need to be kept. The residents of Amona, the Binyamin Regional Council, the members of the planning bureau, and everyone related to the matter made every attempt to meet all legal requirements to avoid problems.

“All we can do now is see to it that the government does not let leftist organizations or other leftist officials again dictate reality,” they said.