Chelsea Clinton addresses gathering of Clinton Foundation
Chelsea Clinton addresses gathering of Clinton Foundation Reuters

The latest Wikileaks releases have revealed the apparent use of Clinton Foundation money, ostensibly intended for charitable causes, to sustain the posh lifestyle of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s only child, Chelsea Clinton.

According to a newly publicized email sent by aide to the former president and co-founder of the Clinton Global Initiative Doug Band, Chelsea Clinton was allegedly paid by the Clinton Foundation to campaign, presumably on behalf of her mother’s bid for the White House.

Chelsea Clinton has served as an active member of the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors for more than five years. But the newly released emails from Band to Clinton campaign manager John Podesta suggest Chelsea relied heavily on Foundation funds to support herself, and even drew upon the Foundation’s coffers to pay for her wedding.

In one email, Band urged Podesta to clamp down on her “using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade,” warning they could be subjected to an upcoming investigation.

Band asked Podesta to “speak to her” – a reference to either Hillary Clinton or her daughter – “and end this”.

The FBI is now reportedly investigating the Clinton Foundation and its ties to the State Department. Two sources within the FBI suggested there was “a lot of evidence” in the case, and that an indictment was “likely” if not obstructed by officials within the bureau or Justice Department.

A separate Band email claimed that not only Chelsea, but even her husband Marc Mezvinsky used their ties to the foundation for personal enrichment.

According to one message, Mezvinsky organized get-togethers on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, bringing together big-name donors. Once there, however, Mezvinsky solicited the Clinton donors for his own hedge fund.

“His raising money for his own fund hasn't been going well,” wrote Band, “and he has cvc [Chelsea Victoria Clinton] making some calls for him to get mtgs [sic] with some clinton people. Marc has invited several potential investors and a few current business ones to the poker night.”

“I assume all are contributing to the foundation, which of course isn't the point. What is the point is that he is doing precisely what he accused me of doing as the entire plan of his has been to use this for his business which he is.”