Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir commented on reports according to which he is delaying a law regarding electronic monitoring bracelets.

"It's a shame that there are those who take advantage of a criminal murder to strike back politically. Unfortunately, the law in its current form would not have saved recent murder victim, who lived with the murderer in the same house, but I certainly intend to introduce a law that, on the one hand, will impose sanctions against human scum who attack women and will lead to the protection of women attacked and at the same time will prevent false complaints against men."

"According to the interpretation of the professional bodies entrusted with law enforcement, the proposed proposal could endanger women due to the intention to inform a partner who harmed a woman, that the victim is in the area he entered, something that exposes women to further harm. The proposed law must be precise and distortions of the law should be avoided, and this I intend to do. Also, there is a series of moves that I am taking to combat the phenomenon of violence against women," said Ben-Gvir.