Demand: Fire hospital staff who posed with hunger-striking Hamas terrorist

Two staff members at Kaplan Medical Center pose with terrorist hospitalized after beginning hunger strike.

Yehonatan Gottlieb ,

סלפי עם מחבל
סלפי עם מחבל
צילום: מתוך הרשת

After two staff members at the Kaplan Medical Center posed for a photograph with their hero, terrorist Maqadad Alkwasami, the hospital is under pressure to fire them.

Earlier, Hakol Hayehudi had reported that staff members from Rehovot's Kaplan Medical Center found it appropriate to pose for a photograph with Alkwasami, a Hamas terrorist hospitalized after he began a hunger strike.

In a letter sent to the hospital management, the B'tsalmo organization wrote: "A doctor, nurse, or any employee in a hospital represents the desire to increase life. These two hospital employees, who were photographed standing next to the terrorist and smiling and expressing support for him, express the exact opposite."

"This is a terrorist who is in prison for the desire to murder and to shorten lives. There is no doubt that the employees have an obligation to treat him, but they must not rejoice with him and express support for him. There is no option other than to explain to those people that they are not worthy of wearing the uniform of the hospital employees."

Arab-Israeli activist Yoseph Haddad also called for the termination of those who glorified the terrorist in Kaplan Hospital.

"These two medical staffers in Kaplan Hospital were photographed with a Hamas terrorist who is on a hunger strike, as if he is a hero," Haddad wrote. "This is an embarrassment and it is inappropriate."

"As medical staff as well - because those who busy themselves with saving human lives cannot glorify and admire those who busy themselves with murder. But also as residents of Israel - because Hamas is the enemy of all of us. I expect the hospital management to fire them immediately."

Haddad added: "It's important to say that the two of them do not represent the tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, and medical staff from the Arab community, who provide endless and dedicated care in hospitals in Israel, and anyone who was ever hospitalized can testify to this."

In a statement, Kaplan said, "The issue is being examined with the employees."