Girl, 7.5, suffers severe post-coronavirus symptoms

Seven-year-old girl in serious condition after mother infects her with coronavirus. 'I even read on Google,' mother says.

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Coronavirus ward
Coronavirus ward
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A girl aged 7.5 years is hospitalized in Ashdod's Assuta Hospital in serious condition, after presenting symptoms of severe PIMS following a coronavirus infection, Mako reported.

According to the report, Na'ama contracted coronavirus several weeks ago, and did not suffer any severe symptoms. However, a month after her infection, the girl began suffering symptoms of PIMS and was admitted to the ICU.

The girl's mother told Channel 12 News, "I infected my daughter on purpose. I blame myself a bit. It happened because of the information they gave us that children don't suffer harm from coronavirus. So I thought to myself that if coronavirus enters my home, then I'll make sure everyone gets infected so that the children will have a Green Pass. And then it came to my home."

"My eldest son is a teenager and I didn't prevent him from going to parties. After he got infected I isolated him - but I didn't realize there's another boy in his room. I removed the sibling, but he had already become infected. So I said, 'There's nothing we can do about it, this is an opportunity - if he's out already, let's infect everyone. I even read on Google."

The mother then recalled that just before the children returned to school after the holidays, her daughter had said, "Mom, my head hurts."

"My daughter woke up in the night shaking crazily, it's something that I never saw in my life," the mother said. "Her stats had suddenly gone crazy and in the morning we went to the doctor, who told us to wait a few days."

"Even though we tried everything, the fever wouldn't go down, and on Saturday she began showing weird symptoms like peeling skin and a rash. The next day, a different doctor who saw her was shocked after she heard that the girl is recovered from coronavirus.

"Every day her situation remains unchanged, but today we saw a bit of light. Last night for the first time she didn't need oxygen.

"Little children are vulnerable to coronavirus, and they're not vaccinated," the mother concluded. "We need to protect them really well."