Cabinet to approve easing of green pass limits as of next week

Prime Minister to ask ministers to allow restrictions to be lifted on outdoor attractions, open-air restaurants and indoor swimming pools.

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Ben Ariel ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
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The Coronavirus Cabinet ministers are expected to vote by telephone on Wednesday on the easing of the green pass outline, Channel 12 News reports.

According to the planned relief measures, open-air restaurants and indoor swimming pools will operate under the purple pass - that is, with an occupancy limit and no need to display the green pass - as early as next week.

Other planned relief measures: Closed-space attractions will remain under the green pass restrictions - while open-air attractions will have no restrictions at all.

There continue to be disagreements regarding the gyms and it appears that the decision to ease the restrictions regarding them will be delayed and will only be made in two weeks, subject to the morbidity data at that point in time.

If the Coronavirus Cabinet approves the relief measures, the recommendations will be forwarded to the Knesset Constitution Committee, but they are expected to pass there soon, following a coordinated move between government and Knesset representatives.