MK Yakov Asher: 'PM Bennett is spraying sand in the eyes of the public and the world'

PM Naftali Bennett praised his 'achievements' in the war against coronavirus. MK Yakov Asher: 'You can't lie to everyone.'

Hezki Baruch ,

MK Yakov Asher
MK Yakov Asher
Hezki Baruch

MK Yakov Asher (United Torah Judaism) on Wednesday slammed Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for praising Israel's policy on coronavirus management during his address at the United Nations.

In a conversation with Arutz Sheva, Asher said, "Unfortunately - I say this with pain, because he is Prime Minister - even on the UN platform, the Prime Minister stood and said things which were incorrect."

"He is spraying sand in the eyes of the public and the eyes of the world, and praising himself for some great success of the past period. And it's not so."

"We are in a period in which a standard situation includes 600-700 seriously ill coronavirus patients, of whom 200 are intubated, 20 and 30 dying each day has become something standard. That wasn't the case in the year-and-a-half prior, because in the year-and-a-half prior either there was a rise and then there were restrictions - and not necessarily a lockdown - or there was a drop.

"The leader of our country is standing and talking proudly about how we're successful, when we dropped in Europe's rating and that of the entire world, from fifth place to the horrible and awful 45th place. So you can't lie to everyone.

"What he did is the absolute worst. This criticism of the Health Ministry officials is not because he actually has criticism of them. He is once again diverting the fire away from the real situation. He is trying to cover up his inability to make real decisions."