Percent of positive coronavirus tests drops to 4.30%

Less than 5,000 new coronavirus cases diagnosed as number of intubated patients rises above 220. Health Min. data shows vast majority of serious cases are in unvaccinated patients.

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Coronavirus ward (illustrative)
Coronavirus ward (illustrative)
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Friday saw 4,932 new coronavirus cases diagnosed, Israel's Health Ministry reported Saturday night. An additional 2,030 cases have been diagnosed since midnight Saturday morning.

With 63,112 active coronavirus cases, Israel currently has 980 hospitalized patients, 694 of whom are in serious condition. Among them are 295 who are in critical condition, and 221 who are intubated.

Of the seriously ill patients as of Saturday evening, 486 are unvaccinated, while 134 have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine and 56 received the booster dose as well.

Among the coronavirus patients under 60 years of age, 246 were unvaccinated, 36 had received two doses, and just seven had received all three doses of the vaccine.

As of Saturday evening, 7,641 people had died of coronavirus in Israel.

Meanwhile, the percentage of positive test results continues to drop: Of the test results received Friday, just 4.30% were positive for coronavirus, down from 5.14% on Thursday and 5.64% on Wednesday. Tuesday's positivity rate was was 4.67%, while Monday's was 5.11% and Sunday's 5.17%.

A breaking report by Mako said that coronavirus patients who oppose the vaccine are also refusing to take Regeneron: Out of seven patients offered the drug by the Meuhedet HMO, six of them refused to take it. According to a Meuhedet official, the patients said they were under tremendous pressure from their communities to refuse the treatment.

At the same time, Meuhedet offered the drug to two vaccinated patients, and both of them accepted the offer.

Mako noted that experts are estimating that many more anti-vaccine coronavirus patients will refuse to take Regeneron.