Newly recovered from coronavirus? You might not need a PCR test

Israel approves exemption from pre-flight PCR tests for newly-recovered coronavirus patients.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ben Gurion International Airport
Ben Gurion International Airport
Flash 90

The Inter-ministry Committee for Extenuating Circumstances, comprised of representatives from the Foreign Ministry, Health Ministry, and Population Authority, met Sunday night to discuss allowing those recently recovered from coronavirus to skip the PCR test prior to flying to Israel.

The decision aims to shorten the bureaucratic process required in order to fly to Israel, and it will go into effect immediately..

The Committee unanimously approved exempting a person who presents to the airline proof of a positive test showing that he contracted coronavirus in Israel within the three months prior to the flight. The test must be dated at least 11 days prior to the flight.

In addition, a person who contracted coronavirus and recovered in Israel, and has a certificate of recovery (not based on a serological test) issued by the State of Israel, can receive an exemption from the requirement to show a PCR test, provided that less than three months have passed since the certificate was issued.

At the same time, showing the results of a different test, which is not a PCR test, does not exempt a person from testing for coronavirus ahead of the flight.