In Spain, a seminar on Gaza is 'an exercise in hate,' Wiesenthal Centre

Wiesenthal Centre to Spanish Minister of Universities: 'University of Santiago de Compostela 'Auschwitz/Gaza' seminar is an exercise in hate.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Holocaust. Auschwitz concentration camp
Holocaust. Auschwitz concentration camp

A University of Santiago de Compostela seminar will focus on comparisons between the Holocaust and the current instability in Gaza, which is controlled by the Hamas terror group, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre reported.

In a letter to Spanish Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells Oliván, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, stated, "it has come to the Centre’s attention, that the University of Santiago de Compostela will be hosting a 'seminar,' entitled ‘Auschwitz/Gaza: a testing ground for comparative literature.’”

He continued, “This very title and expected content is not an issue of ‘freedom of expression’, but a banalization of the Holocaust, which can incite to hatred and violence against Jews of today.”

The letter also stated that it as “an insult to Spanish republicans deported to the Nazi death camps. Our mentor, the late Simon Wiesenthal, met many in Mauthausen.”

The Centre urged the Minister to “intervene with the University concerned to cancel this outrage by its Faculty of Philology.”

“In February, hundreds from across Spain demonstrated in Santiago de Compostela against the so-called ‘Auschwitz Law’. This was apparently a protest against anti-Coronavirus vaccinations and the wearing of face-masks,” Samuels noted.

“The trivialization of the Holocaust on that occasion showed public ignorance. On a University campus, however. it is clearly a political exercise in hate,” he concluded.