'You'll be happy' when I announce my plans for 2024' says former US President Donald Trump

Polls consistently show the former leader to be the most popular Republican candidate.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

“I love this country. I hate what’s happening to it,” former US President Donald Trump told Newsmax on Wednesday.

Trump had just been asked by host Greg Kelly for his “thoughts on 2024 and you. What are you thinking right now?” Trump refused to give a clear reply, instead broadly hinting that, “I think you’ll be happy and I think a lot of our friends will be very happy,” when he does make his intentions clear.

Trump has used similar phrases in the past to describe his future plans, and polls have consistently shown him to be the most popular candidate among Republican voters.

The former president also discussed the COVID vaccine and how “proud” he was of it. “I’ve taken it, you’ve … probably taken it. But I’m very proud of it. I think we could have had another situation with the Spanish Flu … where up to 100 million people were killed” without it, he said.