Senator Cotton: Biden could face hostage crisis in Afghanistan worse than Tehran

Senator Tom Cotton: BIden's "catastrophic miscalculation" could cause Afghanistan to resemble Tehran in 1979.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Senator Tom Cotton
Senator Tom Cotton

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) warned on Thursday that the dire situation in Afghanistan, as a result of what he called President Joe Biden’s "catastrophic miscalculation," could resemble Tehran in 1979.

Speaking on Fox News, Cotton added that "it would be a catastrophe" if the Taliban gathered "effective hostage control of thousands of Americans."

“President Biden is confronting the consequences of his catastrophic miscalculation, of his horrific execution, of the decision to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan. And he is spinning that relentlessly to try to convince the American people that everything is OK, the Taliban's cooperating, they're acting like a civilized government when nothing could be further from the truth,” said Cotton.

He added that in Biden’s interview with ABC on Wednesday, “he even had to be pressed to acknowledge that, yes, perhaps we'll stay on the ground past August 31st. But if our government can't even say how many American citizens we have, what's going to stop Joe Biden from rolling up things and flying out on August 31st with thousands of American citizens left behind?”

“A lot of people have been speaking this week about comparisons to Saigon in 1975. What increasingly worries me is the scenario of Tehran in 1979 when 52 hostages held by the ayatollah paralyzed American foreign policy for more than a year. Imagine if the Taliban has effective hostage control of thousands of Americans who are stranded in Afghanistan. It would be a catastrophe,” warned Cotton.