Haley vs. Biden: In Afghanistan, the terrorists are getting what they wanted

Nikki Haley, former US amb., slams Biden administration for giving the Taliban what it wanted, making America less safe than it was.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations responded to the US pullout from Afghanistan, saying she will "never forget" the date, and emphasizing that the withdrawal - which allowed the Taliban to take control of Afghanistan - "gave the terrorists a win."

In a Monday tweet, she wrote: "I will never forget the day my husband Michael deployed to Afghanistan – January 10, 2013. It was tough for our family to watch him go, but we knew he was doing his duty. Now I’ll never forget August 15th, 2021: the day Afghanistan fell to the Taliban."

"God bless the now 7000 members of our military in Afghanistan trying to clean up Biden’s mess. Note when he came into office there were 2500 members there."

Earlier that same day, she had tweeted: "Biden is trying to distract and imply his option was to either send more troops or end a war. That wasn’t the case. It has always been about protecting America. This exit from Afghanistan and the way it was done was pathetic. He gave the terrorists a win and he knows it."

In an Instagram story titled, "The Price of Joe Biden's Failure," Haley wrote: "I will never forget the day my husband Michael deployed to Afghanistan as a Major in the South Carolina Army National Guard: January 10, 2013. It was tough for our family to watch him go. But we knew that he, like so many Americans, was doing his duty and protecting our country."

"We went to Afghanistan in 2001 for one reason: To destroy the Taliban government that protected the terrorists that came for us. Over the two decades that followed, we maintained a small yet capable military presence in Afghanistan. By this past January, we had just 2,500 troops there. That's fewer soldiers than we have in about a dozen other countries today and our presence kept the Taliban in check.

"In April, President Biden announced we would withdraw the remainder of our forces without any pre-conditions on Taliban conduct. No one should have been surprised at what's happened since and everyone should be honest about what will happen next: The Taliban will enslave the Afghan people once again."

Haley admitted that, "There are many barbaric regimes in the world. It is not America's duty to police them. Afghanistan, however, is different. Twenty years ago, the terrorists bred in that country came for us. Now they are getting what they wanted."

"They aren't the only enemy satisfied by our defeat. China, Russia, and Iran are watching a weak and retreating America unable to protect our interests. As a result, America is less safe today. That's the biggest price we'll pay for Biden's failure in Afghanistan," she concluded.