Israel: Over 100 coronavirus patients in serious condition

Nearly 200 hospitalized, over 100 coronavirus patients in serious condition.

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Coronavirus test
Coronavirus test

The number of new coronavirus cases diagnosed Sunday reached 1,398 - just less than Friday's peak of 1,438 new cases in a single day, Israel's Health Ministry reported.

Across Israel, there are currently 11,606 active cases of coronavirus, and 199 patients are hospitalized.

Of those, 108 coronavirus patients are in serious condition, 25 are in critical condition, and 20 are on ventilators.

The percentage of positive tests rose Sunday to 2.08%. That same day, 76,943 coronavirus tests were performed.

One person died of coronavirus so far on Monday, and one other person died of the virus on Sunday. Since the start of the pandemic, 6,461 people have died of coronavirus in Israel.

Meanwhile, Israel Hayom noted that the Delta coroanvirus variant seems to be 50% more contagious than the British (alpha) variant, and initial reports from around the world seem to indicate that the Delta variant is also more aggressive than its predecessor: among unvaccinated individuals, the Delta variant leads to twice the number of hospitalizations as the British variant.

Initial findings from a UK study also showed that those who recovered from the Delta variant are at increased risk, when compared to those recovered from the British variant, to become re-infected with the Delta variant six months after their recovery.

The research also found that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is effective at preventing serious illness resulting from the Delta variant, but both doses are required to achieve maximum protection.