Determining an asset allocation is not a simple formula

What Is the best asset allocation for your investment portfolio?

Douglas Goldstein ,


Investors are continually bombarded with rules of thumb as to the best asset allocation. However, determining an asset allocation is not a simple formula.

Tom Jacobs, money manager for Huckleberry Capital Management, doesn’t believe in the old-fashioned asset allocation rules. He underlines unrealistic expectations of investment strategies and explores some of the industry rules that have created those expectations.

Tom shares his own philosophy about money and encourages listeners to take a look at their own financial situation, rather than try to conform to a one-size-fits-all investment model.

Should bonds be considered a “safe” investment?’ Doug takes a look at investments that are considered “safe” in his one-page resource The Risks of “Safe” Investments.

He sheds light on some of the downsides of these investments including bonds and fixed income investments.