Elkin: 'Netanyahu has a strong relationship with Mansour Abbas'

New Hope candidate commits to evacuating Khan Al-Ahmar, says Itamar Ben Gvir won't be part of coalition led by Gideon Sa'ar.

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Former Minister Ze'ev Elkin (New Hope) is not afraid of the results of the polls, according to which his party is in third place and fails to establish itself as a governmental alternative: "The situation is very clear, we are in some polls on par with Lapid, and in some are in a bit of a gap behind him. For prime ministerial suitability Gideon Sa’ar is almost tied with Netanyahu, unlike Lapid and Bennett, who are in a bigger gap. "

He said, "The keys will be in the hands of the voter. If Netanyahu does not have 61 together with Bennett, and that is currently the case in almost all polls in the entire election campaign, then there is no key. Netanyahu cannot form a government - period. The dilemma will be whether to form an alternative government or drag Israel to fifth elections. If Netanyahu has 61 with Bennett, I think Bennett does not hide that he tends to go with Netanyahu, and is willing to sit under him, despite his harsh words about Netanyahu.”

"In this respect, a 61-member government will probably be formed and it will be very crooked in its formation, because it is clear that the Likud will at best be a quarter in this government if not less. If the voter wants Netanyahu to continue as prime minister, he can vote for Netanyahu and Bennett."

On the possibility of sitting in a coalition with Ben Gvir, Elkin said: "Ben Gvir will not be part of our coalition because of the gaps." Regarding number 7 on the Labor list, Ibtisam Mara'ana, he said: "The Labor Party will not get the number of seats needed for it to enter the Knesset. Of course her positions are not acceptable to me."

He also referred to the connection between Netanyahu and Mansour Abbas, chairman of Ra’am who resigned from the Joint List and is running independently in the upcoming elections: “Mansour Abbas is taken by Netanyahu. [This is] a close relationship that has been worked on for a while. We are not harming such a strong relationship, we are superfluous there. "

Elkin pledged to evacuate Khan al-Ahmar, explaining: "This was the court’s decision."