The quandary of Noahides who leave idolatry behind

Every day should be Thanksgiving: Fathers, children and patterns in time.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

The Quandary of Noahides
The Quandary of Noahides

This week’s Torah portion of Vayeitzei recounts the adventures of the patriarch Yaakov, who fled from Esav and worked for Lavan for 20 years.

Yaakov married Lavan’s daughters Rachel and Leah, who together with Bilhah and Zilpah became the mothers of the Children of Israel. But it was Rachel whom Yaakov felt was his true soul mate.

Why did he kiss her and cry when they first met? How did Lavan manage to trick Yaakov by substituting Leah in Rachel’s stead?

In this week’s edition of the Jerusalem Lights podcast, our hosts share some amazing background of Torah tradition that fills in the blanks, and gives us an entirely new perspective of this intriguing Torah portion.

Plus: Jim Long and Rabbi Richman discuss some dilemmas faced by Noahides and their families based on insights from our Torah portion.