Our High Court corrupted by politics

Time to ditch the foreign laws: Israel's politicized High Court of Justice.

Walter Bingham ,

Supreme Court
Supreme Court
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All about: Our politicized High Court of Justice.

Which law: Should apply in our country? Ottoman, Jordanian, British or our Israeli Law?

Who decides: Our COVID-19 restrictions? The Prime Minister who chose to leave the country in the midst of a second wave for a photo opportunity in Washington, or the "know all" government ministers, or their appointed expert health professional ?

Everything is: Trump’s fault. Global warming, the COVID pandemic and the "suckers" who get killed in war! Hear Walter’s reply.

The folly: Of the Green New Deal.

The price to pay: For President Trump's Middle East peace deals.

Biden’s policies: Mainly an echo of President Trump’s achievements.

Latest from: The Leifer saga.

And: More.