Continuing the path and legacy of Geula Cohen

The Sovereignty movement mourns the passing of Eretz Israel warrior and  lover, one of the leaders of the movement, the late Geula Cohen. We  pledge to continue her legacy and spirit.

Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover

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Geula Cohen

The Land of Israel has lost an important symbol of the struggle for its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Geula Cohen was a wholehearted supporter of the Sovereignty Movement and its ideological and practical path. She hosted the movement’s philosophical forum in her house even when her age had become a limiting factor.

Geula Cohen, who led the passing of legislation for sovereignty over Jerusalem as a member of Knesset, required us, in the name of love for the Land of Israel to continue to strive ceaselessly for Israel’s sovereignty over its land and to prepare the ideological and practical infrastructure for the historic moment when, as she foresaw, a great political gap would open and the way would be clear to promote the vision until its implementation.

We will continue to act according to her path and her ideological legacy; we will continue to keep our commitment, our pledge to the Greater, sovereign Land of Israel.

Geula Cohen at Sovereignty Conference
Gershon Ellinson

In honor of the late Geula Cohen, the editor of the Sovereignty website and Journal site presents here the main points of the interview that she gave in 2013 for the first issue of the Sovereignty Journal:

“Every day that passes without the application of sovereignty promotes the establishment of a Palestinian state”, Geula Cohen stated. “The correct and appropriate solution is Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

“The path to this goal does not pass only through conferences but with parliamentary preparation while awaiting the appropriate historic opportunity to pass the sovereignty law. There must be a group of Knesset members who will submit the law and with the right opportunity, raise it and pass it in the Knesset. This requires parliamentary work.

“At this point there is no group defined in Knesset with this goal. This must be its defined goal. This goal must be promoted and raised in Knesset even if it falls again and again”, she said, recounting the days when she passed the law for the Golan Heights and Jerusalem. Even then, the process went through after failures and rejections until the time was right:

"We must prepare the infrastructure and raise the matter on the agenda every day, because you never know when the time will be right for a law such as this or any other. When I tried to pass the law of Jerusalem I went from one member of Knesset to another to be prepared for the right political time.

"As long as there are leaders such as Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar the subject is never absent from the agenda. They stand vigil and I see them watching for the historic gap in order to raise the subject on the agenda. But this is not enough. Work must also be done inside the Knesset and we have MK Orit Struk from Hevron in the Knesset, who operates from the inside”.

In Geula Cohen’s opinion, an examination of the structure of the Knesset these days shows that it is this political reality that makes the task easier than ever before. She believes that members of Knesset can create a majority to pass the sovereignty law and turn it into absolute fact that will obligate Netanyahu. “Politics is taking advantage of opportunities. There are times when something that was not possible yesterday are possible today. The world didn’t want a Jewish state either. So? If the members of Knesset can attain a majority it will become a fact”.

Geula Cohen, your flame still burns within us

Below is a personal letter by the heads of the Sovereignty Movement, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, to Geula Cohen, obm, on her passing from this world:

Geula Cohen and Sovereignty Movement leaders
photo credit: Gershon Ellinson

To our teacher Geula

The Kiryat Arba-Hevron chapter was not just the seven years when you lived physically in Kiryat Arba. It begins long before and continues forever.

Why is Hevron called Kiryat Arba? It is named for the four elements: fire, wind (spirit), water and earth. This is how it is explained in the Zohar.

Half of the Hevron elements were within you: fire and spirit

Fire burned within you continually!

And spirit – a fighting spirit and a conciliatory spirit, a generous spirit, an uplifting spirit, the spirit of the forefathers and the matriarchs, and especially, the spirit that always flows in the same direction, the spirit of the Land of Israel.

You were with us in activities in Shedma, in Netzer, in Eitam, in Adorayim, at Oz veGaon, always present in spirit, and as long as you had the strength, you were present physically as well.

It was in your home in French Hill, full of pictures and mementos, where we began our discussions on sovereignty. We would meet, Caroline Glick, Yoram Ettinger, Rabbanit Shulamit Melamed, Itai Elizur, Eran Bar-Tal, Moti Kedar and Yossi Dagan and for hours, discuss the vision, the strategy and tactics. We raised ethical questions and practical questions as you prodded and encouraged us – “yes, it is possible! We did it in the Golan Heights and Jerusalem. It will be so, because the time has come!”.

Your enthusiasm, your vast experience, your faith in the justice of the cause impelled us to the broad and energetic activity that still continues to this day.

When they say “Geula Cohen” they are saying “the Land of Israel” and the Land of Israel is Jerusalem, Nablus, Alon Moreh, Hevron, Kibbutz Galuyot, education, Uri Tzvi Greenberg. That is a great spirit!

Geula, rest in peace in the soil of Jerusalem. Your spirit will move forever in through pages of the annals of the People of Israel, in the chapters of rebirth and sovereignty.